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General English

This course is geared for students at any level from Beginners to Advanced. It provides 12 to 20 hours of English per week, depending on your choice. All lessons are comprised of a variety of techniques introducing and applying grammar in a practical way through listening, reading, speaking and writing, building vocabulary and using a particular method to refine pronunciation. Various interactive methods such as  course book material, dialogue, role plays and games combine to facilitate memory retention, making learning so much easier.

Classes: $600 per month (17 hours a week)

*All classes are from Monday to Friday, with a maximum of 5 students per class.*

Private Lessons: $180 for 10 lessons (75 minute lessons)


Business English


This course offers English to those students who would like to improve their communication skills in general, but more specifically in the workplace. The lessons are often customised according to the specific needs of the client. They often include written communication, interview preparation, telephone reception skills and presentation skills. Completion of this course will sharpen skills to improve communication effectiveness, build confidence and make individuals more marketable in the workplace.


Private Lessons: $250 for 10 lessons (75 minute lessons)


Private lessons

This is suitable for students at any level as it provides the opportunity of the full attention of the teacher who will gear the lessons in accordance with the specific needs of the student. Private tuition allows students to focus on the areas of the language that they need to work on, and the personalised interaction between teacher and student facilitates improvement in the command of the language.

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