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FOR 2022/23


Homestay For Students 

We at EMECT pride ourselves in 15 years of experience providing homestay accommodation to young students studying at Abbotts College, Claremont as well as  English language students from countries all over the world. 

Some of our students learn English and live with us at the same time. This is a natural way of acclimatising to a new environment surrounded by students and an experienced teacher speaking English every day.

$540 per month to $635 per month


Gaining Independence In A Nurtured Environment

The students have ranged from ages 15 to 19 as college and English language students and as young as 10 to 18 years for our Youth Tour in January each year.

Parents have peace of mind knowing that their children are comfortable, in a studious environment, safe and nurtured while at the same time gaining maturity, independence, responsibility and knowledge as young adults.

Make the choice of sending your young children to stay with us to prepare them to pursue their academic studies in English after their course or to stay in a homely environment while they complete their High School education.

Our service includes packages of accommodation, meals, transport and other additional perks.

Prices for 2021 range from $540 per month to $635 per month. TERMS AND CONDITIONS APPLY.

Contact us to find out more and book a spot for peace of mind while your loved ones are far from home.

Conveniently Located

  • Within a distance of 2km to various shopping malls.

  • Doctors, dentists, hospital within less than 3km.

  • 20 minute drive to Cape Town International AirportŸ

  • Entertainment is all around us: theatres, cinemas, nature parks, nightclubs

  • Transport is easily accessible via Uber, Taxify, or close enough to walk

  • 15 minute drive to V&A Waterfront and beaches




My name is Valter, I’m half U.A.E. (Emirati) and Angolan (Angola).Moving to South Africa, Cape Town was the best choice I’ve ever made, as we all know, Cape Town is a wonderful and beautiful city. On the other hand, I had the opportunity to study in a school surrounded by students from all over the world.Moreover, I stayed at Rezhomestay whose family environment was very welcoming, but there were rules to comply, in the beginning it was difficult for me as a teenager you want to free, but these same rules that I had to follow made me realize how important it is to live in a community where you have to respect others. Later on, my adaption process was good as I realize its importance, and started getting along with the lovely host family, they made me feel secure, comfortable, part of the family and could count on the them no matter the circumstance.Furthermore, the school environment was amazing, people from different parts of the world, each one of us exploring and learning about each other’s culture, if I may call it a “rainbow international school” due to its diversification in terms of people. Plus, I had many professional and enthusiastic teachers in which I did not only learnt but also had fun while learning.I have had an amazing experience for being able to fit in and learn to live in a community. I have grown so much: personally and academically. All praises to Mrs. Glynnis Overmeyer for the amazing opportunity for hosting me and be there to support me.



South Africa

My name is Desirous Antonio, I'm from eMalahleni. I came to Cape Town to improve my matric results at Abbotts College. I've been here for a short while but I must say I felt really welcomed. The Rezhomestay is a perfect environment for studying as it allows you to just focus on your studies and not worry about anything else.

Screenshot 2020-11-03 at 01.30.41.png


South Africa

My name is Luxolo Mbuma and I was a student at Rezhomestay for the year 2020. I went to school at Abbotts College in Claremont. I have to say my stay at Rezhomestay was really nice. This year being my first year away from home they really made me feel welcome in their home. The environment here study wise is really good with that being the main goal of the rez. As a football player I loved that they gave me the freedom to go play whenever I want. I’m not really a person who opens up very easily about issues but here I learnt the importance of talking and learning from people around you. Also that independence comes with a great responsibility and also how being well organized helps you.  



South Africa

My name is Xiluva Mhinga. I am from Johannesburg. I came to Cape Town this year to improve my matric results at Abbots College. I think this year was perfect for this with everything that was happening with COVID-19. So it was a productive gap year for me. 


Staying at The Rezhomestay was such a wonderful experience for me. I was far from home and my family but I did not feel homesick at all because Glynnis was such a wonderful host. She made sure we had everything we needed in order to complete our studies. I have learnt so many life skills from her. 


I am grateful for this experience and I will definitely cherish all the memories I created this year forever.



South Africa

I’m Kenyia Abasili from Durban , South Africa. I’m a 19 year old student who is currently upgrading 3 matric subjects. 

This year has been very different to all the others , with the Covid-19 Pandemic we had to adapt to new living norms and i must say that Glynis has made me feel comfortable and safe throughout this period.

She has been extremely warm and welcoming towards me and i will always remember her for her kind nature. 

The Rezhomestay allows you to give your undivided attention to your studies as well as learn some independence along the way. 

I am grateful for such an amazing experience. I guarantee you that by the end of your journey at the rhezhomestay you would have learned many life skills that you can apply throughout your life.

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